Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Passes for Normal

It's funny what seemed so stressful a couple of weeks ago begins to feel normal - whatever that is. I really appreciate all the comments and emails. Just knowing there is a virtual community out there is a comfort.

I got a chance to get a little beading done on Saturday. I played around with some variations on the Serpentine design and came up with this.

I'm using 11/0 topaz Iris beads which, along with compacting the design, makes a narrower necklace, as you can see below.

Once I finish that I want to finally start on Mesh Motifs from the August 2004 Bead & Button. I have read over the directions so many times it's dog earred but I know I'm ready now!


  1. Those are lovely!

  2. Hang in there, Char. We are dealing with both moms here in hospital and nursing home, and it never is normal but you do get used to it, so I understand completely. Thank goodness for craft stuff!!!!

  3. Oh that beading is great! Yes, it really is neat how comforting the readers are...and somehow- it really helps :)

  4. Very pretty beads! Hang in there, you are doing an important thing for your mom. Your friends will all be waiting when you need us or have some time again. A big hug to you.