Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back to Sewing

Much later than promised, but here's a few of my new sewing projects. These aren't fashion fabrics, instead I used whatever I had around here rather than making a muslin. First is Easy Pieces a quick top that I tried out with some old rayon challis. This was super easy to make, although I spent more time mitering the bias binding around the neck. This is one of three new patterns designed by Dana Bontrager I bought recently. I really like the way she gives ideas for embellishments or modifications to her patterns. I have another one cut out and ready to sew this weekend. The other two patterns are Forecast and the Ultimate Jeans Jacket.

Next up, The Weekend Shirt. I used some really funky fabric and I don't think I'll wear this for anything more than dyeing or working around the house, but I will make the pattern again in a better fabric. It's very comfortable without being too baggy. I like the 3/4 sleeves too.

When I make other Loes Hinse patterns I've made the shoulders a size or two smaller because they seem to hang too low. I think the Criss-Cross Top has less ease and I'm going to retrace the pattern using one size larger for the shoulders. This fabric is a 50/50 poly/cotton textured knit. Between the flash on the camera bouncing off the polyester and me trying to stand up straight my white bra can be seen shining through! I like this pattern and contrary to what the picture shows, is actually flattering. I highlighted the diagonal seamline because it didn't show up on the dark fabric. I made the ungathered version, but I'll make the gathered version next.

Nancy's Top is a Silhouette Pattern which has separate front pieces for A, B, or C cup in each size. I'm not sure what I was going to use this bright orange fabric for but it came in handy to try out this pattern. The pattern has both horizontal bust darts and vertical darts coming up from the bottom front for a more fitted look. I like the deep facing around the slashed neckline. It would be great for embellishment, maybe some of those beads that keep following me home! It's a little bright, but maybe I'll wear it for handing out Halloween candy!


  1. I love that jeans jacket! How many pairs of jeans have I thrown away over the years? Damn! I'm going to start saving them up.

  2. I *love* the fabric you used for the weekend shirt! Good work all round, in fact. *Must* go out looking for a new sewing machine .......

  3.'ve put me to shame: my accumulation of fabric, my lack of clothes to wear, and all of the time I've wasted.
    You've done a great job with each of those tops...they all look very functional to me!

  4. Marie7:19 AM

    I love the Weekend Shirt fabric! You wouldn't wear that to school? It would keep the kid's eyes open (deer in headlights). I really do love it. Nancy's Top is wonderful. Actually all of your selections are great.

  5. You make me wish I could sew...
    I like the fabric of the Weekend shirt. You'll stop traffic in it! :)

  6. You inspire me. I just threw out a box full of cut out and partially assembled sewing projects that no longer fit. I think the oldest one was something I started when I was still in college. I've also got a stack of fabric to sell on eBay, a handful of unfinished things to finish, and a clearer sense of what I want to sew and might actually wear.
    And thanks for sharing all those pattern links. I'll be ordering the Weekend Shirt and Criss-Cross Top patterns next week.

  7. May your sewing bug bite me! :) I have lots of sewing to do but my motivation is elsewhere. The patterns are great and you're inspirational!

  8. You are inspirational, Char. I may have to leave the quilting for a while and try clothes again.