Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wandering Around in Circles

I do not even know where to start. I've had so many ideas bouncing around my head, with very little time to do anything about them. The trip back from Worcester took over EIGHT hours, so I had lots of time to think about future projects. Then I had to lock myself in my office and write four papers.

So, I guess I'll just pick up where I left off.

Angi asked about weaving the ends separately. Usually the knots in a carpet are not woven right up to the ends. You can use an argatch edge or even just plain weave to fill in that space and protect the knots. Look at the Specialized Kurdish Selvage about half way down this page. While you're there make sure you see the Asian looms. Actually take a good look around. Marla Mallett's Woven Structures and her website are just treasure troves of information and images.

I put in an order for some Davidson Navajo and Indian warp. No specific plans yet, but I think I want to use handspun and maybe make a small rug that I'll hang.

Then, as I was watching Nancy Hoskins' Boundweave video again and planning some little bags, I noticed that she mentions Tuna Wool as one of the weft choices. I wonder if there's a North American source or a substitute for this wool?

Here's the first loom I made from Sara Swett's Kids Weaving. How cool is that? I have the connectors to make another one. The gold line shows where the warp goes. I just picked up some straps that will tension the loom where the red line is.

I think I have a plan for Jacket 001.

I'm planning on dyeing these three yarns for the warp. There's a 10/2 mercerized and two cotton/rayon textured yarns. Here's a close up. I'll probably use a 20/2 for the weft. No just to come up with a colorway.

Finally, while blog hopping I found a tutorial on the length of color segments in handpainted yarns. Good stuff since I have all that white yarn waiting to be dyed!

**If you tried to comment earlier and couldn't, I realized that I started this post soooo long ago that the script I run to close old entries to comments had already taken effect. Oops! It's fixed now.


  1. Wow, you have lots of goodies and lots of great ideas; I hope you have the time to match.
    Thanks for the link to the patterns. Great ideas for using handwoven fabrics!

  2. Marie6:30 AM

    I really like your yarn selection for the warp for Jacket 101. Color selection?
    I keep telling you. Your professional education is getting in the way of your personal life. Get a grip and become a slouch. A weaving slouch.

  3. You constantly amaze me! I'm making my plans for the same jacket. I'm using a mixed warp and a multicolor weft. It will be quite colorful. Hopefully not clownlike though :-)

  4. Hi Charlene, I have been thinking of buying the Boundweave video for some time now and I think you just pushed me over the edge :>

  5. Barbara6:03 AM

    Becky's Vav Stuga in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts might be a source of TUNA for you. She imports and mail orders fibers of Swedish origin, in addition to teaching awesome residential week long weaving intensives. When I was there for a class in April, we used TUNA in one of our many projects (a yummy, fluffy twill wool blanket) and it was awesome. Although she doesn't yet list it on the order sheet of her website, I think she may start selling it; you could inquire. The Swedish linens and cottons she carries are fabulous to work with and come in the most beautiful colors imaginable, though they are way pricier than their American counterparts. Some of the price issue is just "you get what you pay for", but some of it is due to exchange rates and the recently strong EURO vs weak dollar?

  6. A friend of mine takes a week-long class every year at Becky's Vav Stuga. Of course, she also bought a draw loom!
    Anyway, tag, you're it!