Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Fun

I just realized I never finished this post, so there won't be much text, just some captions. I'm working on replies about my weaving plans and will post them tomorrow.

I like to start out the summer with some new stuff. Believe it or not it helps me come up with ways to use what I already have stashed away. Here's some beautiful alpaca from Caroline's alpacas.

Hagrid is a pale caramel (I mixed up their names when I uploaded the pictures)

and Feldspar washed up to a soft white.

Just in time for summer fun is new weaving software. I decided to go with Fiberworks PCW. I being able to take a draft and then convert it to doubleweave. I'm using this draft for a couple of blankets using some of the wool I bought at WEBS this spring. I bought four big cones of Donegal in a rust, green, brown, and gold tweed.

Two books for summer reading....

and inspiration for a bunch of projects. I've already started on the PVC loom. I couldn't find all of the connectors around here. Okay, I looked at one store, then ordered online!

Finally, some yarn just waiting to be dyed. For that matter, my blanks from Machine Knitting to Dye For are getting a little impatient.


  1. You've got a lot of fun things to pass the summer with. The alpaca looks especially inviting. (And the books, and the yarn...)
    I am very interested in what you think of the Fiberworks software after you've worked with it for awhile. Please keep us posted about how you like it.

  2. What great material to work with!

  3. I Love the Kids Weaving book! I recently got a copy for Kaity and Khi. We're going to start with the pouches, using foam poster board rather than mat board. Tomorrow, I plan to warp a small rigid heddle loom for Khi. He wants to weave a blanket for Chloe out of some soft yarn he found a Wal-Mart. I'm usually a yarn snob, but he REALLY liked the feel of the stuff and it is a gift from his heart. Besides, Sarah will be able to toss it into the wash easily. Thanks for the responses. I'll order my jacket pattern next week.

  4. oooh....can I come over and play?!!
    Fiberworks PCW is one of my planned purchases at Convergence this week!! Am also planning on scoping out a mirrix tapestry loom...but may put than on hold for a Christmas wish.
    You are going to have a great summer!!

  5. Alpaca, I see. :-) How much fun is it to find someone else who buys more fiber to come up with something to do with the stash. I am NOT alone!
    The software looks amazing.

  6. Marie7:26 PM

    OooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuLalaaaaaaaaa! What fun you're going to have. Bring up the Sarah Swett book. I may be a lemming yet again (due to you).

  7. PCW is a Fan-tab-ulous tool! You can play with colors and structures and it can calculate how many ends you need for so many repeats of your chosen structure. Have oodles of fun!

  8. Make your own Japanese Clothes looks like a book I might be interested in. How are you finding it so far?
    Nice alpaca by the way

  9. Back from vacation and checked out what you are up to. Am preparing for weaving with you in August...I like all your plans and the books look fabulous :)