Monday, June 05, 2006


I painted this warp at a dye day hosted by Claudia in 2003. After I realized how short and narrow the warp was I knew I wouldn't be able to use it. So I dyed some more raw silk and made this fabric to coordinate.

Now almost three years later I finally cut into the fabric and started making the kimono featured in Sara Lamb and Molly Freeman's Warp Painting video. The rather plain fabric was a good choice for the test drive. No stripes to worry about getting straight. I got the sleeves attached and after three tries got the neckline the way I want. I cut a band from the violet/scarlet/golden yellow painted warp. Tomorrow I'll interface and attach it. I didn't put any pleats over the shoulders but it's apparent that I need to.

I was able to wrangle some spinning time too. My new Lendrum Saxony can really spin up a storm. In just a little time I was on my second (big) bobbin of lovely grey corrie. This is from the stash c. 2004. I decided to spin it before dyeing as I'm waiting for Claudia's new design - a Norwegian sweater done in natural yarns.


  1. Those Saxonies are quite something, aren't they? Pete has one - I can't use it, wrong way round for me, and treadles angled wrongly for me as well (I have my lovely Timbertops instead, so no complaints!) But I did have a little go, and also can see how he can breeze along with it.
    Enjoy your summer!

  2. Busy AND efficient!

  3. Your warp painted fabric is very nice. The yellow adds a spark of color interest. I look forward to seeing the finished kimono.

  4. Marie9:42 AM

    How beautifully they coordinate! I really do love it, Charleen.
    Hi, Carol!

  5. Really? 2003? Time does fly.