Monday, May 15, 2006

I Think I Like It

I'm on the second one of the not quite log cabin towels. My tension is wonderful and the selvedges are looking pretty good, too. Usually my sides get a little loose as I work my way through the warp, but this trapeze method really helps with even tension throughout.

I've got quite a list for this summer's weaving, including placemats, runners and a couple of rugs for the kitchen. I think this technique is going to save me a lot of fiddling with the warp.

Northcott Rib (scroll down the page to cardigans) is coming along well. I love the yarn and the pattern, but my hand and wrist are bothering me. Could it be because the yarn is bulkier and I need a longer needle? I feel like it's all scrunched up and I'm always pushing the stitches away from the ends. I'll have to see if I have a 40" around here.


  1. Both projects are very nice!

  2. Everything is looking good!!!!!!!! Yes, a longer needle will help. Slippery needles seem to be better for my wrists and hands.

  3. Marie3:28 PM

    My favorite cardigan! I love knitting that pattern of Claudia's. Take ibuprofen before your appointed knitting time. That helps my elbow and wrists.
    I'd like to see a comprehensive list of summer weaving please! If you're like me, you never touch the list and veer off to the Land of the Unknown.
    BTW, Grey's Anatomy will be on Thursday nights next season. You can thank me anytime for that information.

  4. I like your weaving, Charleen (and your knitting!) Sounds like you have had some of the same weaving problems I have. I found your trapeze very interesting. Not so sure our landlord would let us rig that up in our apartment however. Haha

  5. Looks good to me!
    Block drafts are what I'm trying to learn these days :-)