Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fulled Birdhouse

My sister, Nancy, collects birdhouses, so as soon as I saw this Fibertrends pattern I knew I needed to make it for her.

It was a quick knit, done in Lambs Pride Bulky, charcoal for the roof and teal for the base.

I didn't realize the roof was not fulled enough until I put in on the base and it almost came to the bottom. So I popped the roof into the washer again.

I also made a big aluminum foil ball to help round out the top. I have to get some black plastic needlepoint canvas to stabilize the base. Then I'll cut the hole for the entrance and the perch and maybe do a little needlefelting around the opening.

I'm loving this Whitby Gansey, although the Channel Island cast on did give me fits. With some help from Claudia's website and Beth Brown-Reinsel's Knitting Ganseys, I finally got it.


  1. The birdhouse is terrific-she will love it! I just ordered their sheep flock pattern. Have you made those? When you got the patterns at Claudia's, I was wondering if you would start them right away. The answer's YES.

  2. The birdhouse is TOO CUTE! And good for you ont he Channel Island Cast On. It is tricky, but the edge is SO nice.

  3. What an energetic post! The birdhouse is cute. The gansey looks so cozy on this blustery March AM.

  4. The bird house is a very cute idea! Can't wait to see what it looks like when you get it all done.

  5. I adore the birdhouses. I'm currently working on my first felted project. It's more of a sample and doesn't know if it wants to be a bag or maybe some sort of conatiner. I was peeking through your old blog and saw the April 2003 Easter cake -- that's my birthday cake every year! It's so great. Two rounds, one for a face and one for the tie and ears.

  6. Suzanne3:09 PM

    The bird house is cute.
    I made Whitby and that cast on took me some time to get right. You will enjoy knitting the sweater, it was a fun knit.