Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yet Another One

It's a win-win-win gift. Easy pattern to knit up, everyone loves it, and it takes two skeins of worsted weight yarn. Luckily I seem to have a year or two in between the baby bonanzas.

Despite a high of 55° today and an expected high of 62° tomorrow I'm still planning on making this over the weekend. I'm making one pullover and then ordering two zippers to make the other two jackets. Here the fabric, soft and cushy after washing, ready to cut.

I also have some great knit fabric from EmmaOneSock to make a sweater . It has a great hand - hard to believe it's acrylic. A couple of rayon/lycra tops are in the picture too. Can you tell a three day weekend is coming up?


  1. Pretty colors....they look great together. Any plans for combining them?

  2. I love EmmaOneSock! She has fabrics you just don't see anywhere else. It's easy to see that all your waking hours are going to be filled with thread this weekend!

  3. Long weekends... hooray! The knit fabric looks luscious!

  4. How fun! I never knew you could even buy sweater knits to sew with. Please show us your projects when you are finished ;-))