Sunday, January 01, 2006

Making Up

I certainly am trying to make up for fiber time I lost this summer and fall. The plying is all done and the yarn is hanging over the laundry room sink. Swatching will commence tomorrow.

Despite discovering my sleying error in the first yard of the warp I was still able to get five towels. The last one is a few inches shorter but they are for me so no problem. The other three are for Sarah's new kitchen.

I got them washed and dried tonight and I'll hem them tomorrow.

Yet another Wallaby. This one for the granddaughter of my thesis editor. Although it does look much better in person, I can't say I love the yarn. I have, however, been assured that a two-year-old will love it.

One more day of vacation.


  1. Love the towels! And yes, a two year old will love that sweater. Heck, I like it, too.

  2. Beautiful towels! I think that a small child's sense of color is different than an adult's, and the Wallaby will be just perfect. They love brights.

  3. Busy, busy bee! You are doing a great job making up for lost time.

  4. Your towels are inspiring. You are weaving right along! I now have a baby wolf waiting for it's first warp (sigh) and countless other projects in various stages of completion...But I'm not complaining :-)

  5. You towels are very beautiful! I love that pattern, made some last year with a tencel warp and cotton weft, they dry so beautifully! Very inspiring phhotos, makes me really want to grab the loom again and warp it.