Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Go Team Socks

Once I got my spelling straight these socks started to fly. I have a lot of this yarn and I think I'll go down to a zero (these are 1s) next time. These are a little loose for socks, but I'll only be wearing them a few times a year so no ripping at this point, plus the two color knitting on the heel makes a nicely reinforced fabric.

I've had a chance to get back to spinning the tweed corrie. I cannot tell you how soft and fluffy this yarn is. I don't care if it's going to pill, I know this will be one of my comfort sweaters. I have enough to make it slightly oversized the way I like my weekend, hanging around sweaters. The skies are clearing up, maybe I can get a good picture today.


  1. Those socks are very funny. School spirit! I remember that!

  2. I really like that heel!