Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cleaning Up

Don't worry, I'm not spending too much time cleaning my house! What I am doing is trying to finish up some nearly done projects that were forgotten when something new caught my eye.

My Coup d'Etat cardigan was done and ready to be sewn together. Unfortunately I see now that one sleeve is smaller, both in width and length, than the other. I think I may have forgotten to change to the larger needle as the fabric seems to be a bit denser too. That's what happens when you knit a project over a period of years. Yes, YEARS.

I started my teal corrie LoTech Sweat last August and took it to school with me. The only time I worked on it was in spare moments in study hall. Those spare moments added up and I brought it home in June with only half of one front and the hood to go.

Throughout this busy summer I have been carding the corrie tweed and spinning it up. This was all measured out in 60 gram bags so it's no-brain work to card up two bags, spin a bobbin from each and ply. I have put way too much time into trying to get a decent picture of this yarn. I think it's because I love it so much but every picture ends up looking like mud. I've tried every exposure setting imaginable and finally ended up pulling the fabric shade down and then using no flash and a cloudy setting. I think the problem was that the window was messing with the meter even though there wasn't any direct light coming in. It still looks rather blah, but then again, blah is often misunderstood.

I painted Josh's old room, now known as the Thesis Room! I finally found the hardware to put the sliding doors back on the closet, so this fabric will be stripped to make a rag rug for the room.

If I can keep to the schedule I've made for myself, I'll be spending every Saturday for the rest of this year in that room. Hopefully the very soothing sage green will not be so soothing that I can't write.


  1. The yarn doesn't look blah at all; quite the contrary. I think more subtle blends (and optical blends too) are misunderstood & underrated. I personally love them.

  2. Good for you for getting your tidying out of the way BEFORE you start writing. That was always my issue. Trying to start writing with a mess around me just didn't work. I had to have exterior organization to have interior organization.

  3. Good to see what you're working on! Looks like you have a plan and you're sticking to it. Re: the photography dilemma. Check out this site for some easy light tent ideas. The idea came from July 27th entry.
    I have an old white sheet and some pvc piping set to go....just no finished objects to try it out ;^(

  4. I hate sweaters knit in pieces because the gremlins come in and reknit them wrong before you can sew them together. Little buggers.

  5. Go you thesis author, you!