Monday, August 08, 2005

At Last

Finally, I got something finished this summer. It's not much, but considering my track record with socks - I'll take it!

My summer classes are DONE. I have one more class in September, but that's an action based research class and the project will be the first chapter of my thesis. I finished my last paper today. Now all I have to do is one more project with a short (4 page) rationale.

On to my summer. We joined Charlestown Farm this year and we get to pick up lovely produce each week.

Along with the produce we pick up, there are fields for pick-it-yourself crops. We've had strawberries, snow peas, raspberries, and there's always herbs and fresh flowers. This was a bonus last week when we got to pick enough to freeze.

Hopefully I'll get to some fiber.


  1. Carol2:25 AM

    Oh, nice! Pretty yarn.
    Perhaps that will spur me on to finish the *two* pairs I now have on the needles....

  2. Great socks! I am glad school is done for the moment, so cram in as much good stuff as you can before you have to get on the bandwagon again.

  3. Pretty socks! What yarn is that?
    Mmm, summer veggies. I have just rediscovered fresh sweet corn, picked hours before it goes into my tummy.

  4. Nice socks! Enjoy the break, we'll be watching for the dizzying array of woodwork, fiber and room painting that seems to be your vacation stuff.

  5. Finished is very, very good. Especially impressive given the all-school-all-the-time action around here.

  6. Beautiful socks! The produce looks lovely too!

  7. Congrats on finishing the socks. They look great! Looking at that produce has made me hungry :-)