Sunday, July 31, 2005

Somebody please - take my wireless card

I bought a laptop so that I could work continously on my course work and also write the curriculum for the two new classes I'm teaching this year. I think I hit the wall this weekend. How do you know when you are putting off writing? I'll tell you. When you find yourself watching all the news videos on CNN and then start on the "secret" videos of Big Brother 6. Then you start checking for duplicate songs on iTunes, editing tags and equalizing volume while you're at it.

The blog celebrated it's third birthday on Thursday by hanging around waiting for me to do something fiberful. Fat chance. And by the way, thanks Carolyn, you had to link to this.


  1. Third blogibirthday! Congrats!
    But... maybe you're working a little too hard?

  2. Don't make me come up there and take your wireless card young lady!! You are no further from my office then my house, so this is not an idle threat!

  3. Well I guess I'll just have to let you borrow my suit with the big "S" on the chest (LOL). Superwoman (or should that be Wonderwoman) I'm not, but sometimes I think my family thinks I am.
    I'm sure all of your projects will wait patiently for your return :-)