Monday, July 04, 2005

Rag .....

rug, placemats, runner?

Sorry about the fuzziness, but I was too lazy to attach the camera to the tripod! You can still see how well the colors in the fabric go with the floor. Maybe too well.

I put the camera on the edge of the table, so this is a bit clearer. I like the way it goes with the wallpaper and paint, so rather than have the rug blend in complete with the floor I will make a runner and 6 placemats.

As you can see I have plenty of fabric (I have two of these) to cut into 1.5" strips. I used similar fabric for a rug last year. I like the off white and tan warp with it. The brown warp was for another rug, but there was a sad tale about the rags and I was left with warp to experiment on. The kitchen table is ceramic tile with an oak border and I think there will be more contrast with the placemats.

I ordered samples of rug warp from The Mannings, so this will give me something to think about while my mind rests before one last proofreading.


  1. I definitely vote for the runner/placemat combo. It looks like it will be perfect for the table - with enough space between them and the rug to complement each other, but not "get lost"

  2. Definitely the placemats and runner. I love the colors in the fabric. Are these going to be quilted placemats and runner? (heehee)

  3. The placemats and runner will be a perfect complement to the rest of your kitchen!

  4. Love the colors. Whatever you decide to do with the fabric will be beautiful.

  5. RE: your comment on my blog. The Peace Shawl is garter stitch really is mindless, which is why I decided to work on it in the car. Well, that along with the fact that it's alot cooler to work on than a sweater!
    The placemats and runner will be great. Makes me you have a copy of the new(ish) Interweave book on Rep Weave?...that would work with your fabric.