Saturday, July 02, 2005

I Am Here

Just not doing anything except academic work. Not unless you count about 15 rows on a sock as being on a fiber roll! As my mind drifts off in class (I know, I'm a teacher, I never said I didn't understand my students) I have a couple weaving projects I'm thinking about. A couple of rag rugs with the tie-dyed fabric I dyed two summers ago and a painted warp for kitchen towels. I'm also working on a plan for placemats and a runner. I finished one paper last night and I'm halfway through the next. With any luck I'll get it done tomorrow and have some time to wind the warp before it's Tuesday and I'm back to school. It's a little hard to paint a warp if it's still on the cone. For that matter, it's a little hard to weave the rugs without ordering the rug warp.

Not all is lost. I have been getting some time during my commute and breaks to listen to my iPod. I'm working my way through Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs (someone gave me a dvd with all of the mp3s) but I think I'm getting too anal about this greatest song list. I'm keeping the list on my Zire so that I can rank them and keep my comments. I think I better let that go. I enjoyed Lian Hearn's Across the Nightengale Floor and I'm listening to Grass for His Pillow right now. I downloaded Hadassah: One Night with the King thinking it would be similar to The Red Tent.

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