Sunday, June 19, 2005

Spinning and Knitting

No weaving. No time or energy the past week or two for planning out the next project or even to begin sewing the kimono. I won't bore you with all of the details, but our school is making drastic reforms and switching to small learning communities. Along with that we are also changing from traditional 47 minute periods to four 88 minute block. It will be an A/B block with four classes each day. All teachers have to change rooms, regardless or whether their room is in the allocated space for their community or not. Mine was, nevertheless I had to pack all of my stuff and move next door! School was officially over for the year Friday, but we have two Flex Days? for next year that we are being requested to serve on Monday and Tuesday. Since this is a public blog I'll stop here.

I finished a pair of socks! Now that might not seem like such an accomplishment to most of you, but I seem to have a problem finishing socks. These Opal socks have been in production since May 2002 when I started them at MDS&W. The first sock I ever started looks exactly the way it does in this picture . To commemorate my accomplishment I immediately started the Chutes and Ladders sock. I thought I liked the variegated yarn but it doesn't really show off the pattern. I have a mushroomy solid that might work well with this.

Spinning seemed to be a way to wind down and relax this week too. I got another batt of my corrie tweed spun up and then, being too tired to stand at the carder, I reached into this eye burning nugget gold and began to spin a heavy two-ply. Originally I was thinking of a jacket, but now I think maybe a blanket or even a rug. I have equal amounts of silver-green and rust. These were straight Cushings Perfection dyes on Marie's lovely Finn/Dorset cross. Could I get any more 70s?


  1. Is this part of No Child Left Unscrewed?

  2. Catherine D. is so deliciously evil sometimes.
    Hey, I understand that the '70s are back. Go for it.

  3. So come fall the kids and the teachers will BOTH be confused... awesome.
    I think we used to have some wallpaper like your fleece.. you need to add chocolate brown and a little metallic (which I see is back again, too)!

  4. Marie6:09 AM

    Love the colors, especially the rust (Egyptian Red maybe?) and the green. I think the fleece was probably Shetland/Finn since there are no Dorsets around here unless one is slipping in at night and leaves before first light! Happy socks .

  5. I love the Chutes and Ladders socks! I might have to make a pair...

  6. I SPUN SOME OF THAT RUST! (or something cousin to it from you and, yes, I am shouting for I LOVED it!)Silver gray green never looked so good. (I am couting down the days to seeing you on July 11...)

  7. Those Opal socks go right along with your 70's theme! I've started the same pair though I'm not sure where they are right now! I'm bad for starting something and setting it aside when something new catches my eye. Good thing for Benny that only applies to my knitting :-)

  8. Charleen, I too have had a tremendous problem finishing socks! Do you think it's something to do with being a weaver?? I'm so keen when I start but I know I'll just never finish two of them.