Saturday, December 18, 2004

Walk, Don't Run

After sampling, I decided to change the treadling sequence to a walking draft. Things went well after that and I was able to complete 2.5 blankets. Of course, my legs and lower back are feeling it today.

The first one was done in a very pale violet 8/2 cotton. Since I was going so fast I forgot to run upstairs for my camera. Therefore, you'll have to settle for this proof.

The warp is a 6/2 Egyptian cotton in natural. This one is with a deep wine 6/2. Here's a
close up.

Here is the third one, not yet complete. The weft is a medium, dusty blue. I had no idea what the fiber was, since it came with my loom. So I did the burn test to make sure it was cotton (and just to make sure, I burned some known cotton for comparison).

If I hadn't cut off two samples and washed them I never would have believed that this open, meshy looking cloth would wash up so well. Do I have another warp wound yet? NO. But I hope to have the wool wound for two herringbone scarves tonight.


  1. Those blankets are beautiful!! Those are some lucky babies. I hope to get a floor loom someday (have a rigid heddle now) so I can make gorgeous things like that too.

  2. alfred1:20 PM

    nice, nice nice!!