Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Fingerless Mitts

Claudia inspired me to make a pair of fingerless mitts. So much faster than fingerless gloves, and they'll serve the same purpose. My purpose? I wanted them for weaving in the cold basement.

The herringbone tweed was looking fine, but the singles wool I was using for both warp and weft was a little too soft. Duh, Charleen, you have heard of the snap test. After a yard or so, I decided to cut if off and wet finish. It was feeling mighty scratchy and I was hoping it would soften up. If so, I was willing to work with those end threads to keep them strong. No such luck, it felt like sports jacket material, not next to your neck and face scarf material. But all is not lost, I can sample different wefts and have plenty for my twill exchange. When I get bored I'll cut the rest off.

Here's what I did this afternoon. A three color triangle - that's 66 samples. Actually 132, since I did 1% and .5% DOS. Today's colors were: blue, yellow, and fuschia.

How much CAN I cram into the next five days???? Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Weaving in the cold basement sounds vaguely sweatshop-like. ;-)
    I've been using my fingerless mitts constantly. Yep, its cold enough for full mitts, but who can spare the dexterity?