Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Blankets are Done

I finished weaving the third blanket tonight. - behind schedule, as usual. I sewed two rows of zigzag between each blanket and popped them in the washer. Tomorrow when I get home from school I'll hem them. Two will go in on Thursday for baby presents.

Next up: Herringbone Plaid scarves. I'm winding an oatmeal 1/8 wool warp and I'll use the same wool in sand for the weft for one and a black tweedy wool for the second. I wound a long enough warp to give me samples for the twill exchange I'm involved with next month. You can see similar scarf in Handwoven Nov/Dec 1996 (p. 69), but I like the narrower herringbone in Davison's draft (page 26).

Two more school days! xmas.gif

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  1. Nice. Weave up a storm during vacation, OK?