Saturday, November 27, 2004

So much for relaxing

Everyone was impressed when they saw the dining room like this on Thursday:

dining room

What they didn't know, or were polite enough to not mention, was that the pool table in the basement studio looked like this:


and most people didn't even see this side.

Now here comes the good news/bad news flash. Someone is coming to look at the pool table between 4 and 7 tonight. Oops! Guess who forgot to tell me that he put the ad in the paper already? Good news is that I'll have more room for fiber pursuits and get the weight room equipment out of the family room. Bad news? You got it, I'm heading down there for the next two hours.

If you don't hear from me again, you'll know where I am.


  1. In the "misery loves company" category: It does my heart so much good to see that others are also floundering in a sea of stuff! Thank you. Hope the table sells!!

  2. too funny! :)
    i feel your pain - i just move the piles from one place to another...