Saturday, November 06, 2004

#1 Weaving Rule

"Always have a warp wound and ready to go."

I cut the raw silk off the loom and now I'm stuck. Not that there isn't a million things that I want to do, but I'm waiting on more cotton for the baby blankets and I need to order some Zephyr for some twill scarves. I should have taken Anita Mayer's advice. One on the loom, one in the finishing stage, one in the planning stage.

Here's the finished silk. Now I have to decide if the two pieces will look good in the same jacket. I'm beginning to think that the little dab of navy made the violet too dark. Maybe I should just purchase some black material to use with the multicolored fabric.

This close up was taken outside while the fabric was drying on the line.

This was taken in the kitchen and shows the contrast a little more.

Any opinions? I can always use the darker fabric for something else. It's about 15" wide and over 6 yards.


  1. If you suspect its too dark, its too dark. Listen to the gut.

  2. Beautiful cloth!!
    Perhaps one for the body, and another for the cuffs and lapels...?? or an inset panel...whichever. I do think that they look really good together.

  3. Debbie Smith11:17 AM

    I think the fabric is absolutely lovely. I second guess everything I do,too. Must be part of the creative process.
    I have a rigid heddle table loom, which is all we could afford. I don't use it often enough, but that is going to change soon, hopefully. I bought a really good book on weaving techniques, and that is getting me motivated and understanding the WHY of the methods used.
    The few items I have made on the table loom were not bad, but the edges are hard to keep even. Any good hints on that front? What I've been doing is just folding the edges over and sewing them to make them look tidier.
    Thanks for any help! So happy to have found you!!