Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Last Day

As I try to squeeze in all the last minute things I meant to do this summer, I dropped something and looked under my desk. Now that picture pretty much epitomizes my summer, follow along --

    →jar of Tiger Balm for when I painted too much (was supposed to be worked out, but that didn't really happen all that much)

    →ruler with yarn wrapped around to show all the fiber work I've planned, not always done

    →note from Kate that fell off my bulletin board (although most of my conversations were virtual, I did get to see Carolyn, Kate, and Marie in the flesh this summer)

    →my slippers that are supposed to stay next to the loom but I always forget and wear them into the office

    →a bottle of Jose Cuervo (uh, never mind)

Back to power washing the lower deck, washing more fabric I bought, and trying to figure out how my list will fit into the next 8 hours!


  1. That Jose looks pretty darn empty to me.
    Hope your first day isn't so bad.

  2. One of the 5th grade teachers & I agreed that it's a tie as to who has it worse at this time of year - returning teachers or working parents with school age children. I think we agreed to a tie because neither of us had the energy to be competitive! I'm exhausted and still have 3 more work days to go before their back in school.