Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's Coming Along

It's been slow going - but I did get a little more than yard woven last weekend, in between spinning at the Farmers' Market and our monthly spinning guild. I think this is going to work well - a deeper violet, but still has splotches of light. The black thread blends it all together. Here's a close up.

This week I've been spending my time preparing for my trip to SOAR. No, not preparing fiber, but for my classes. I'm taking the two personal days I get each year and heading to the Poconos. I've got the "color the brain" lab run off and ready to go, along with a few other things for my students to do. I plan on having my suitcases packed this weekend so that I can jump in the car and head up there as soon as school lets out on Wednesday. I have to be well rested for the SOAR Market, you know.

On the sewing front, I made Loes Hinse's European pants this past weekend in some nice black cotton/lycra from Wazoodle. I also made the cowl top, minus the cowl and in a shorter length. I tried taking a picture, but this place is so messy I kept falling over things as I backed up for a full length shot! I've lots more black and some navy too. This weekend I plan on sewing up a few more pants and tops. This Bistro Jacket will have to wait until after SOAR and Rhinebeck.


  1. I LOVE the black threads in that warp, Char. What a great idea. I sets off the color somehow. And how can that shade of violet be anyway wrong? I love it! I am taking notes for my next project.

  2. Oooh, I *love* how it's weaving up! Very very nice!