Sunday, September 19, 2004


I was able to get the beaming done before I left for the dance last night. Too bad I didn't bring my knitting as I had bathroom duty. They are down a hall from the cafeteria, where there was a table and chair set up and the sound level was about 50%. I told them I would do it for the Homecoming Dance if they would let me do the same duty!

Back to beaming - I carried my coarse reed over to the loom and put the loom in the beater. I attached the dowel (not the little one you see in the previous picture, that was only temporary) to the warp apron dowel and began beaming. I put my Angel Wings on the breast beam and because my larger dowels weren't sanded smooth enough (that was me, they don't come with the wings) I used my regular lease sticks. They did a great job. Beaming raw silk, which had just been dyed, is no easy task. There were lots of tangles and catches, but slow and steady did the job. I'll try them out on the back beam next time to see if there is any advantage to where you place them.

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