Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Twistin' the Night Away

First I tried a little of Archie Bell and the Drells' advice to Tighten Up. I think these singles had Sam Cooke on their mind as they were Twistin' the Night Away!

As you can see, the skein in the middle has the most twist and is, in fact, the most energized! We're talking so much energy that I think I should weight this one over again (by itself). This was the last of my spinning, when I was super tired, so it has more twist (I was getting lazy) and didn't have the benefit of resting on the bobbin as long as the others.

I promised the family to get my dyeing stuff out of the garage by Friday. Yeah, yeah, yeah - just because I wanted the old cars out of the driveway doesn't necessarily mean that I think we should actually use a garage for parking our cars. Anyway that means that I've got to get winding those warps so I can paint them. After I clean up everything from the dye day, I'm going to make a 2' by 8' dyeing table from exterior plywood and folding legs from HD. I'll be able to keep it flat against the wall and pull it out for painting. I actually like dyeing in the basement with my oven roaster better than firing up the propane, it's just inertia that's keeping the equipment up there. I already put the dyes away where it's cool and dark (lots of places like that in a basement).

Note to Claudia: I'm sort of a geek-wannabe, but programming today is a far cry from my Basic and Assembler days when I played around with our TI and Commodore 64! (which is why I spend HOURS trying to do one simple task)

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  1. Great table idea! If I can master this turkey roaster dyeing, maybe I'll make one and paint some too. For now, I'm happy when it strikes with the dye mixed in the water!