Monday, August 02, 2004

School Clothes

I've been thinking about making a few things to add to my teaching wardrobe. I ordered three patterns from Tunic Blouse and Cruise Pants by Loes Hinse look like they'll be fast and easy. The The Sewing Place. The Cathay blouse byLois Ericson is a ripe for embellishment.

Just got my (tentative) teaching assignment. I'll be teaching 5 classes of psychology. I really didn't like it when I taught all 5 sections of world cultures - by the 5th class I felt I lost my zing, but with all of the additional paperwork that we need to turn in for each class and the emphasis on differentiation, I think I'll be happy (not that I have any choice in the matter). Next year I may be adding AP, so I need a little calm before the storm.

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  1. I have the tunic blouse pattern, too. But I am not sure what fabric to use for it.