Sunday, August 29, 2004


Here's the tunic blouse (left) I made last week. You can see the neck detail better in the pattern illustration. I'm not quite sure what that aura around my head is supposed to mean, but there's nothing like a self-picture to drive you back to the gym! On the right is a blouse made out of LWI dyed muslin.

rayon tunic blousesage dyed cotton blouse

On the left is a blouse made out of a close weave with a raised thread every 1/4". This was white to start and I scoured and then using LWI dyed it a dark teal. It still needs buttons and the sleeves hemmed. The shell on the right was made with some marked down cotton to test the pattern. It has front darts which are open at the bottom for about 2". I need to hem the sleeves and bottom. I like this one, but I need to take the pattern in a little at the front neckline. It's still wearable, however.

teal dyed cotton blousewine/black print shell

Lastly, three pairs of Cruise Slacks.

Cruise Slacks

More patterns arrived today. The machines are burning up!


  1. Ooh! I like that blouse very much! Was the cotton just PFD (prepared for Dyeing) stuff? I wish it wasn't so damned hot to sew. . .

  2. Neither of the fabrics were PFD. The sage one was just plain natural muslin, not the cheapest but one step up. The teal was a white all cotton fabric, can't remember exactly what, but it's very tightly woven. You can almost hear the pins pop when they go through the fabric.

  3. You and the clothes look great! The aura is your shadow, I believe - I get that sometimes when I take pictures of stuff too close to a wall.

  4. Wow! Beautiful clothes. Darlin' that "Aura" was your halo!