Monday, August 02, 2004

Like I Have Nothing Better To Do With My Time

I cut my double drive off my new Schacht after a couple of days of frustration and have used Scotch tension for the last 18 months. Saturday I put on a double drive band and have been spinning away happily. I know that each camp has its advocates, but I'm wondering if there are advantages to using different drives for different fibers/types of spinning. I haven't plyed yet, so I can't tell if I find any differences in that.

Now this is where the trouble comes in. I can just not let go of something! I wanted to make a little survey to get an idea of spinners' preferences. I tried cgi, php, formmail, send mail. I worked until 2 in the morning and at 5:30 I woke up, went to the bathroom, and tried to go back to sleep. Script kept going through my head. Maybe if I change something in the cgi-bin, maybe, maybe - so I finally got up. There is no happy ending to this. I was able to finally come up with this survey. It's probably better to save responses to a .csv file, but damn it, it's not what I WANTED to do! Anyway, if you have a minute, answer the questions and I'll post a summary of responses. Feel free to send this link on to other spinners. The more responses, the better.

Back to spinning - I spun up one of the rovings I painted last week and I'm going to wind off the singles and set the twist. I want to test weaving with singles before I start the gorgeous silk that Carolyn and Kate gave me.


  1. Charleen, I honestly didn't know you were a geek.

  2. I only like double drive when I am using a supported long draw to spin a woolen type yarn. Other wise, I prefer scotch tension...which is about 90% of the time for me.