Saturday, May 15, 2004

Plain Vanilla

With all the options available to us these days, sometimes you just have to go with plain vanilla. I'm putting the Romney through its second pass and as I spin it I'm contemplating a tapestry or rug (for the wall). I think I'll spin it all up and then dye the yarn once I've come to a decision about what I'm doing. This last month of school can be very hectic and plain vanilla can be very comforting!

I ordered a wide, electric carder and it should be here in a month. That works for me, in fact, if it came any earlier they'd have to pry my hands off it to go into school. The Louet is great with the Romney (as long as I remember to stagger carding sessions with spinning) so I'll continue on that project with the roving carder. The new Corrie, along with the two I have from last year, are going to wait for the Duncan.

While the Corries are waiting, they'll be treated to a dip in the dye bath. I'm reading Color Works: The Crafter's Guide to Color and can't wait to get started.


  1. Woo hoo - a new carder! Whadja get whadja get huh huh huh? A Duncan?

  2. Charleen, this picture made me almost throw open the box of washed Corriedale fleece and begin carding NOW. However, I was virtuous and cleaned up/cleared out the studio instead. I can actually work in there now ! Maybe tonight, if the laundry's done. Or I'll finish planning the scarf warp.

  3. D'oh, I can't read! You said plain as day that you were getting a Duncan in the post - guess I got excited and skimmed right past that.

  4. Charleen, are you doing Cummington?!?