Monday, May 03, 2004

Meet Nancy!

I just had to buy this fleece. My youngest sister's name is Nancy and she was always the willing victim, uh, I mean recipient, of my budding hairdressing skills. She suffered through my attempts at "just evening up this sides" which resulted in shoulder length hair turning into a page boy bob and, once the hair grew back, the recreation of Amy of Little Women fame, when I set her hair in rags. She had the tightest ringlets seen on anyone for a least a century - I have to find that picture. When I thought I had the best idea when I suggested rolling her damp hair around a round brush to give it a little more body. (the brush had to be cut out) Believe it or not, she actually forgave me, or at least she's letting me think that she has. Oops, there I go drifting off course. Well, THIS Nancy is a Corriedale - 4.75 lbs. It was described as "Fine - Light, Medium & Dark Gray Dappled" and it certainly lives up to the description. I'm going to love dyeing this. Hopefully I'll have an electric carder by the summer to help speed up the process.

I've been doing a lot of spinning lately. Partly because I'm too lazy to warp up the loom and partly because I've been doing so much dyeing and blending that I just have to see what it looks like spun.

I finished the small full tote. I just need to get a button or bead for the closing.


  1. Hi Charleen! Where did the lovely Nancy come from? All this talk about spinning and carding and dyeing is making me feel like a HUGE SLACKER.

  2. She's from Whitefish Bay. You have to get them on the day they are posted, unless you bought one last year. I did buy two last year, but they were brown and white, so I had to stand in line with everyone else. Luckily it was the day I took off to take my mom to the drs. so I had time during the day to check the site.

  3. If you find that you are just too overwhelmed and busy, I'll be happy to lighten your load and take Nancy off your hands!