Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Let's Talk Turkey!

Kate and Carolyn have been regaling over their turkey roasters and I have to agree they are great. I love using mine for both immersion and steaming. But that's not all folks ..... look what I got for my birthday. Cool, huh? I've been using my Coleman stove, which I converted to propane, but it doesn't seem very steady when I have a 20 qt. pot filled with water. This comes with a 30 qt. pot, but it's aluminum so it's out for dyeing. All of my dye pots fit securely in the stand however, so that's not a problem.

Josh has moved back home (yes, it does seem that we've replaced the garage door with a revolving door) and he's brought me a buddy. Seems the best place for the fish tank is next to my loom in the basement. The picture does not do Freddy the Frog justice, he's the pastiest, whitest frog I've ever seen. Right now he's on my dye table - Josh better bring the stand home soon or this guy is going to turn into an appetizer.


  1. Honestly, the first thing that occured to me was...dye pot + white frog = Dyed Frog!

  2. Cool toy! I'm not about to abandon my magnetic induction burner for a turkey roaster any time soon - I think I can do larger quantities on the burner.
    And I think you should name the frog "Dick Cheney". It's got the same doughy white guy look.