Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Aren't They Gorgeous?

Tree Peonies

This is the view as I drive up the hill and out of my driveway. It's enough to make you want to stay at home! I walked around when I got home from school today and took a bunch of pictures. You won't see those until I have a suitable "after" picture to show with it. Let's just say the score is Char: 1 Weeds: 1066

Two Skeins to CompareFor those of you who haven't seen the results of overblending - here's your chance! (sorry about the shadows) The skein in front is from the blended batts and the skein in front is from the second batch of roaster roving.

The well-blended yarn isn't really as ugly as it looks on screen, but it's a very muted variegation. Maybe I'll use a strand of each for another fulled bag. My daughters seem to think they grow on trees.


  1. Do fiber people really need an excuse to stay home?
    I don't think the muted skein is ugly. Just think "subtle"!

  2. Sylvia6:22 PM

    Those hanks are *elegant,* not ugly! Most spinners *strive* to achieve such a balance!

  3. Catherine5:43 PM

    Purty roses! I'd stay home....
    I like both the skeins, and I think it's really interesting to see the different results you get through different prep and spinning.

  4. Catherine5:46 PM

    Waitaminnit! Are those roses, or peonies, or something else? This is why I don't garden...

  5. The flowers are lovely -- I know nothing about gardening. Also, you could put those skeins in a mixed warp with some bright jewel colored yarn alongside and it would be wonderful.