Monday, February 23, 2004

What to Choose?

I'm still pondering over my choices for classes at Creative Strands this year. The only thing I'm sure of is that I want to take the Soumak class and the Fleece and Pile Rugs class with Tom Knisely. I wonder if I have to put a 2nd and 3rd choice if I get the registration form there on the first day?

Here's what I'm thinking for the 12 hour preconference workshop:
Painting with Fabric Strips - Nadine Sanders
Cottage Garden Vest - Sharon Costello
Choose the Bright Colors - Carol Lee
Although I might not actually wear the vest, I would like to take the felting class. The weaving sounds interesting, but if Kate and Carolyn both take it, then we can share handouts and techniques. We'll have workshop looms there so we'll be able to see what we've done in the classes. I haven't done any natural dyeing, so Carol Lee's class looks good too. I may have to roll dice to see what I put down for my first choice.

My choices for individual classes are:
Friday PM
Spinning Sock Yarn - Merike Saarniit
Charm Bracelet - Peggy Wright
N�inding - Amann (Rudy was in our spinning guild before he moved to Maine)
I can always use some help with my spinning, but if I don't take the class I won't have to bring my wheel (except I'd like to have it at the room anyway). I know next to nothing about beading, although I have the start of a bead stash. N�inding sounds interesting - a new technique.

Sat AM
Soumak - Tom Knisely from The Mannings

Sat PM/Sun AM
Fleece & Pile Rugs - Tom Knisely

Any advice? I'm giving myself to Thursday to decide, then it goes in the mail.


  1. Karen5:51 PM

    All Tom classes are good classes... I agree the soumak sounds fascinating.
    I don't honestly know if you'll learn anything in the sock spinning class you don't know already. Lisa's taken a class or two with Merike, you might ask her what she thinks.
    Wish I were going, I'm saving my money for SOAR.

  2. Someone in my guild took the fleece rug class at the Mannings and loved it.

  3. I'm taking Carol Lee. Remember, we can all share notes too, so sign up for what you want to do! Those Tom classes look fabulous and if Kati Meek weren't teaching linen, I'd be there with ya. (I can bring bead stash too....)