Monday, February 09, 2004

Thanks Carolyn!

After all that bread baking yesterday I thought soup sounded like a good idea.
I made Carolyn's chicken soup and I have to say it was the best chicken soup I ever had. You've got to try it.

There really isn't anything like coming home to dinner all ready for you and then finding this delightful bevy of beautiful tools, from Finniwig Studios.

Those tools are just crying out for me to try a little tapestry. Oh well, so much for focusing - instead of finishing the sage mohair I've spent the last day or two trying tapestry crochet!


  1. Thanks! Glad you like the recipe. Great minds must think alike and all that -- I've been itching to do some crochet, too. What kind of hook is that?

  2. It's just a regular steel hook, but you can get this rubber handle for about $1.50 that you just slip on (well, you actually have to put a little dish detergent and the CAREFULLY push it on) Much more comfortable.

  3. Nice tapestry crochet. Very native american-feeling.