Friday, February 06, 2004

A Slight Delay

We've got freezing rain this morning. Predictions are that the temps will be rising soon, so for now it's a two hour delay.

Yesterday we had midyear parent teacher conferences. Since they didn't start until 12:00 I had time in the morning to get some spinning done. This is from another batt of Linda Diak's. Tentative plans are to use this yarn along with the other one from Linda combined as contrast with the brown corrie. You know, I have 120 students and 20 parents came. I sat in the gym with 100+ other teachers, in alphabetical order, waiting for parents to show up. 7.5 hours! This parental disinterest however did have an upside - I nearly finished two hats. I was working on 16" circulars and forgot to take dps so I'll have to do the decreases this weekend.

Off to spin for a little bit.

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