Saturday, February 07, 2004

Nothing New,

but I've been making steps towards getting my studio cleaned up and organized. Last night I was too tired to start anything new, so I headed downstairs and reskeined all the yarn I dyed this fall. Using the skeinwinder with the counter I now know how much I have a each color.

I have over 1800 yards of this teal corrie. I was thinking of using it for my Rogue-ish sweater, but is so soft and springy that it might not make the best wearing knit.

Not such a great picture - too little light, but at least you can see the results of my Get It Under Control Plan. The green and dark wine are being used in my languishing cardigan which I started this fall. I need to spin a little more of the brown and find one more blend to use as shoulder contrast.

I just heard the most amazing cellist on CBS's Early Show Han Na Chang. Absolutely mesmerizing!


  1. Soft yarn *is* nice. But worrying about the pilling is wearying. Go Organizer Girl!

  2. Aw, go ahead and use the soft yarn. It's a sweater, not a bullet-proof vest :)

  3. Catherine1:03 PM

    I love the color of the Corriedale! Do you have notes on what you used to obtain that color? Hey, I'm a FOJ, too! What's a cactus kicker? Can I come over, too?

  4. You sure can come over! Cactus Kickers are those little premade cocktails, but the real aficionados use this:
    1 Part Jack Daniel's
    1/2 Part Tequila
    1/2 Part Sweet & Sour Mix
    1 Part 7-Up� or Sprite�
    (Salt Rim & Lime Garnish) (I usually don't bother!)
    There are more recipes here:

  5. You can see what I used for the corrie on the 12/06 entry - or paste this in

  6. You can wash and full the yarn a bit before skeining it up and knitting it. That will prevent pilling. I think a softer yarn will be nice.