Sunday, February 29, 2004

I am the Queen

of multi-tasking! I popped Galileo's Battle for the Heavens in the vcr, put a pen and tablet on the table next to the loom, and began sleying for my first rag rug. I'm using two pieces of cotton that I bought for $1.00/yd. at JoMar. I seamed them lengthwise into a long tube then folded and cut to within 2" of the fold with my rotary cutter. After that I just cut diagonally to join each strip to the next one. Voilá yards and yards of rag strips. The strips change about every 41" and the rug is 25" in the reed. I'm looking forward to seeing how it patterns. I'm sleying 12 epi (48 brown, 12 tan, 6 white, 12 tan). AND, by the time I finished sleying, the video was almost finished and I had a list of times and events so I can edit it for my World Cultures class.

Remember how excited I was about painting the basement and making my studio down there? It's become a dumping ground! (and just so you know, the pool table has been cleaned off several times in the last year and NO ONE has played pool on it) I should clean up the mess, but considering today was a free day I was determined to not spend it cleaning this. Then again, if it really bothered me, I could have cleaned it up rather than merrily taking pictures!

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