Sunday, January 11, 2004

Smack Down

I guess I was more than bone tired! I ended up leaving school in the middle of the day Tuesday and not going back until Friday. Another sinus infection, only this one is taking its time leaving. The severe pain is gone, but I still have trouble sleeping and there's an awful lot of pressure. Well, enough of that.....

When I got up yesterday and saw the temperature was -2° I figured speedy spinning ought to warm me up. So I brought out the silk - dyed tussah from Shadeyside Farms in NY that I picked up at Creative Strands. I'm getting a little better. I plyed the first sample and it muddied the colors (which are already rather muted). I'm going to try Navajo plying later today then I'll take some pictures.

GEEK QUESTION: I set up a Netgear router for two desk tops a two years ago. Now my husband and daughter each have a lap top. The are four outlets so he just plugs in and drags the cable all over the family room. I ran another cable up to my office for my daughter, but now that we reorganized she has enough space in her bedroom for a big desk. So here's the question (I've been told I have trouble actually getting to that!) -- Can you mix wireless and wired connections? What would I look for? I can't seem to find wireless cards for a desk top, only notebooks.


  1. Yup! You can plug a wireless hub into your router.

  2. Thanks Kate! So I just plug it into my router instead of the modem? Makes sense now :-)
    Now one more question -- should I get 802.11b or 802.11g? We don't do any gaming which seems to be the selling point of the 802.11g.

  3. We went with 802.11b because the prices came down so far. Most everything will be backwards-compatible with it, too.