Friday, August 08, 2003

I'm hot, I'm cold

I had a brainstorm - not always a good thing for me but in this case it worked thumb.gif I turned on our gas fireplace/heater for a couple of hours and it really helped dry out the bricks. Of course, I felt a little stupid with the heater AND the air conditioning going. It was getting pretty warm in here, so I'll do it again tomorrow morning and maybe Sunday if it still needs it. In the meantime the fans are blowing like crazy - at this rate we may be able to lay the new padding by on Wednesday.

While I'm still on this hot/cold thing, back in December I posted a picture of one of the squirrels that I kept fed for the winter. Look who thinks my deck is Club Med!


  1. Clearly you are running Club Squirrel Med! That is a funny pic.
    Sorry about the deluge. What alot of work you are putting in on your "vacation"!

  2. You have my complete sympathy. I send dry heat to your poor deluged room! The rain this year has created humidity that is taking its toll on my rabbits, too. More eye infections than I normally see. The squirrel seems to be fine, though.
    Loved the warping slide show. It is brilliant!!!!

  3. Ruth in Houston7:21 AM

    Go to Wal-Mart and buy some Damp Rid. You can hang it up in the room to help take out the moisture... it really does work. I know the fireplace idea worked but the damp rid will take out moisture you can't detect. I had to use some in my bedroom after our house was flooded.
    They also carry it at Home Depot.

  4. Thanks for the wishes for dryness - too bad it just keeps raining. Ruth, I got two buckets of that at Home Depot, it's working right now. I saw it when I was getting paint so I knew right where they were!