Saturday, August 30, 2003

Back in School

I had the most wonderful day on Monday. It was a little too windy to spin outside, so Marie and I took a tour of her farm and then we settled inside to spin and talk. I started back to school on Thursday - I won't see students until Tuesday though. I also started another class through Penn State's World Campus. This one is Video and Hypermedia in the Classroom - sounds like fun. I've also been updating my school pages and have my psychology calendar completed through Oct. 10th, so that's encouraging.

I went to cut out my vest and realized that my piece wasn't long enough. (unless I wanted some rib-tickling bolero type thing) Thankfully I hadn't started cutting anything yet. So my plan is to dye some more silk a solid purple and use that for the back of the vest. It's not really a big deal, especially considering how much I learned about weaving for garments from this process. I always thought I'd need 44" wide fabric and just weave it as long as the pattern called for. Duh! Now I see how I can lay out the pattern, and weave just what I need with a minimum of waste. With any luck I can get the silk dyed this weekend. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to try out the Dorothy, which has been languishing since her arrival.


  1. Any pix of the Princess's new place? Have a good purple day.

  2. Unfortunately no pixs. I took my camera but we had such a good time, that I just forgot to take any. Too bad, because she has a crucifix hanging from her loom for tension (along with various other weights). I thought that would be a great picture, but then I never got around to it :-(