Friday, August 08, 2003


The bad news.....The water problem is way worse than I thought. The family room stinks (literally)! I had to shove furniture across the room, rip about 1/3 of the carpet from the tack strips and cut out the soaked foam padding. (the family room is on a slab) I've got two heavy duty fans going in there but I think it's going to take a week at least before I can put new padding down. We have central air, so I put the fan to constant on to keep the dehumidifying at full tilt. I've got the slate covered with plastic and the chimney repair guy has been called. I'm a little leary of taking off the slate and trying to fix it myself - rain is predicted for the next week and I don't really feel confident about the masonry stuff.

But there is good news! After taking off the harnesses, beater, breast beam, and both of the warp beams to reduce weight Laura and I were able to move the loom ourselves. It looked like monsoon time again and I didn't want to wait for the boys to get here. We shuffled our way through the dining room, kitchen, family room (right before I pulled the carpet up!), out the patio door, down curving gardens steps and through a sliding door into the basement. YEAH, it fits :-) although I changed my original orientation - I'm going to keep my back to the wall and face the glass doors. It slides out over the carpet easily (it's industrial carpeting with no pad) so I can pull it out when I warp it. I got everything put back on last night so hopefully this weekend I can get it warped.


  1. Furniture sliders - they're squares of plastic, smooth on one side and padded on the other. Slip one under each corner of the loom and it'll slide like buttah.
    Good luck with the water-damage cleanup! The stone should dry out fine, it's the carpeting that holds the stink. We've had torrential rain here, too (but no flooding so far, knock wood).

  2. Thanks for the tip. We're doing some major reorganizing here so I'll need them!