Thursday, July 10, 2003

Spinning away

Patsy Z's class is great! So far we've gone over the basics, like how to evaluate a fleece and how to wash it. She told about her visit to a commercial wool mill - Patsy can really tell a story. It must be the kindergarten teacher in her. I felt like I saw those pitch fork conveyor belts, moving the fleece down the line without agitating it!

I've tried old skills, but with a new twist, like using my super mini-combs on my lap, instead of clamping them on a table, then spinning right off the comb. I liked doing it that way - just hope I don't pierce my breast (but I guess I could just get a ring and I'd be right in style) She also showed us her way of holding the cards to keep your wrists on a even line. It seemd so effortless. I could really get used to carding and combing myself (but that doesn't mean I don't still lust over a supercarder).

I've taken some pictures, but can't download them. Check Kate's blog. She brought a laptop and card reader.

This afternoon - the long draw. Maybe this will be the time it takes. There's always hope........

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