Monday, July 21, 2003

Here are the results

Check out the gorgeous colors. The darker blues and burgundy are Sabraset and the brighter reds, yellows and turquoise are Sabracon F. I finally got the really bright yellow I needed for my felted fish.

This is the raw silk I bought from R & M last spring. I wound a three yard warp, 120 ends per bout, for a scarf. I'm going to wind another 60 ends and dye that solid violet. Then I'll place that between sections of the painted warp. I'm going to set it at 32 epi (it's 24 wpi) and use sewing thread for the weft - a la Sara Lamb.

These rovings are from the pound of Brown Sheep I bought at Maryland. The wind was starting to really kick up so I had to loop it through the drying rack. I was really pleased with these. I used a stencil brush to get a little more control, but it also helped to push the dye into the center. When I used a squirt bottle or syringe it seemed to roll off the surface a little.

I gotta get these gardens weeded, but with all of this dyed fiber and the inspiration I got from Creative Strands - well, maybe we'll get those thunder storms tomorrow thumb.gif


  1. Karen3:35 AM

    Whoa! Are you bringing all those on Sunday? I want to see them!
    Speaking of thunderstorms, by the time you posted this our power was gone... at least the rain will make the weeds easier to pull!

  2. Wow, look at all the stuff you dyed!! The warp came out beautifully. It doesn't look like the colors washed off at all.
    Your orphan bits of fleece came out nice too...they are lounging in the guest room to dry.

  3. Catherine3:50 PM

    Ooooh, nice colors! I used the Sabraset on everything but my Tshirt, and there is definitely a difference in brightness. I also concur on the stencil brush - I used it on my yarn and rovings with excellent results.