Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Log at a Time

I've been recovering from surgery so the weaving was on hold for a bit. The last week or two I've been weaving for short periods, 20-30 minutes at at time. But that's okay because it gave me time to figure out why the two shuttle weaving wasn't going as well as it did in the past. With a little help from a well-worn monograph, Plain Weave is Anything But Plain by Leslie Voiers, I realized what I had been doing intuitively.

My threading sequence was 1-2-3-4 and ended with 1. It should have meant that when shaft one was up when the I threw the shuttle that shuttle would go down towards me. The threads automatically are locked and all is well.

But it wasn't, because in my waste-not attitude I just thread the last thread on shaft 2 and never realized it. That's why I was having such a hard time getting all the warp ends in the selvedge to be enclosed.
Once my addled brain got wrapped around that I was rocking!

I went to the doctor yesterday and got the okay to weave for longer periods and my weight restriction was upped from 8 to 30 pounds. First thing I did was go pick up Jackson.

Now we can resume our afterschool exploring. He loves looking through my knitting bags and pulling out all sorts of finished and partially finished things. If it can fit on his head - then he wears it for the rest of his visit. Then I gave him the word - no eating for 10 weeks. He weighed 29 lbs at his last visit :-)


  1. Glad that your recovery is going well and that now you can weave more and lift things!! Hope healing continues in a smooth fashion!!
    I love log cabin. Just have to say that!
    And I love the hat on Jackson - great colors! (Is it a hat meant for a bigger person, or something else that he's temporarily using as a hat?)
    Weave on!

  2. Oh, that log cabin looks better and better!
    I've done silly selvage things like that before. Ack.
    VERY glad you're healing. YAY!

  3. Surgery?! Glad you are healing and feeling well enough to weave.

  4. marie7:54 PM

    Cutie boy!
    Glad you're doing well. Soon you'll have no restrictions and you can pick me up...gulp!

  5. Well, that's freaky! The title of that monograph you mentioned is almost the same as the article I had in Handwoven a couple years ago: "Anything But Plain." Now it seems like I copied it but I'd never heard of the monograph before, honest!