Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Necklace

I finished the necklace and wore it last week. The shiny beads are silver-lined blue zircon delicas, the main beads are olive iris seed beeds. This was an easy to remember pattern. I'm making it again in moss iris beads with bronze metallic seeds for the accent.

This lump is the finished, but unblocked, Swallowtail from the fall IK.

Here it is blocking, but I must have skipped a zero when typing in the thumbnail size. Since I'm at school I can't correct it.

I have to get some TIG wire (recommended by Sara) as trying to pin out the points was getting tedious. I can only imagine how tired I'd be if it were a full size shawl. This is from the singles I bought at WEBS last spring. There was so much energy in the yarn that I had to hold it up and let it unwind every row or two.

I finished Butterfly a month or two ago but finally got around to blocking that. This going to be a laprobe for my mom. I didn't keep any ball bands, but it's a German dk superwash I got in a swap a few years ago. Not enough for a sweater, but it blocked out to a 46" square. This was a very easy knit. I would do it again in a laceweight for a largerer shawl.


  1. Very nice work on the necklace and the lacelace! :D
    I love how so many of us block lace on these goofy beach towels.

  2. The lace looks lovely! I need to get myself a pair of them thar blocking wires too - much quicker and less painful than pins.

  3. I really like the length of your necklace. Very flattering!
    Sorry I haven't gathered enough of my brain to do that beadwork post yet -- might be in the new year as we have a lot of December birthdays and other goings on here.

  4. Lovely shawls. You have almost inspired me to go upstairs and dunk Icarus into a sink of warm water for blocking. But not quite because today was long and I am happy on the couch.

  5. have been productive! Love the necklace!!

  6. The knitted lace is simply luscious, Char. As is your necklace!!!!

  7. Charleen your knitting is lovely. I'm so impressed with anyone who can knit lace well (as opposed to me). Your necklace is lovely as well.