Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'm recovering from a whopper of a sinus headache/migraine/infection/whatever. I finally could focus on the computer screen and read through bloglines while drinking about 47,892 ounces of water. Since I haven't been doing much of anything I thought I'd post some cool links.

Fiberscriber is making a jacket using Trudy Roberts' California Rag technique.

Valerie posted a link to a great fiber video.

Carolyn talked about a nifty little contraption that might help with even dyeing. I need another appliance like I need a hole in the head (actually I do need a hole in the head - might relieve some of this pressure).....

Can it be August and I haven't done any summer painting yet? The powder room is up for next week. Now that I've seen Kirstin Nicholas' decorative painting tutorial I may have to rethink my plans.

Leigh has turned her many samples into a beautiful bag.

Oops! The water bottle is empty. Off to fill it up. The upside is that by making myself use the upstairs bathroom, the many ounces of water are creating quite the workout.


  1. Sorry to hear that you've been unwell, Charleen. I hope you feel better soon.
    I came to your blog via a link from Sara Lamb's site and I then read it from the very beginning.
    I admire how many projects you get done in a year and you are inspiring me to weave again.
    I check your blog for updates everyday and am always glad to find a new entry, but don't feel pressured to blog more often. I'll take the good stuff you always give when you have time.

  2. Sorry about the headache, (knock on wood) I've been free and clear of mine for the last couple of months. I did receive my copy of the Rag Rug Handbook today! Super cool although where does one get "loopers" these days?

  3. Charleen, I am so sorry to hear about your severe sinus problem/headache. But the links were all great. And many thanks for the link for my bag as well. It's appreciated!

  4. Your comment about making a sleeve for the plastic canvas bottom to my bag was very welcome. I really puzzled over how to put the plastic in the bottom and came up with what I did. A sleeve would have been removable, so I like that idea. But as you say, now I know two ways to achieve the same thing!