Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Party's Over

Now that school is done and Laura's party is over it's time to move on to summer projects. I had been thinking about using my table loom, still warped from my class with Tom Knisely at Creative Strands two years ago, and some generic roving to make a pad for my loom bench. The roving wasn't doing anything for me but I remembered that I had several skeins of fat, chunky yarn made from Brown Sheep Beast.

The loom was warped 6 (doubled) epi. I wove an inch or so with the carpet warp, then about an inch of tabby, 1-3, 2-4. The rest will be woven 1-2, 3-4. If I were making a rug I would weave the last 4 threads with carpet warp to protect the sides of the warp.

I still have the roving, which is not anything I want to spin, so I brought up my Louet and spun it putting in as little twist as possible. Basically what I was doing was a long draw but not holding it to allow the twist to even out. This is definitely speed spinning - I was able to spin two gigantic Louet bobbins in about an hour. I'll weave with the singles and wind the shuttle right off the bobbins. I have enough for two more white and two gray which will give me enough to sample for some Navajo style rugs.


  1. I really like that idea. I have some (a couple lbs) neppy merino roving that I couldn't bear to pitch. I might have to build a plain loom and weave something. All you weavers - nothing but trouble, I tell ya!!

  2. How do you weave the last 4 threads with a different warp than the rest? Or am I misunderstanding?
    I found a jacket I want to weave fabric for, for the weave along. But I need advice. Can you please go to The Sewing Place website and look at Jacket 001 by Elements: Linda Kubik EL-001. I need someone to tell me what size yarns to order and suggest a weave pattern.

  3. Oh good - I want to see the Navajo rugs. Do you have some recommended resources on Navajo blankets? Sara send me a couple of good ones, but I'd like to hear your suggestions.