Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Hoodie

I made the pullover hoodie last weekend (this picture is a little too dark).

too dark

After my iPod caught on a kitchen drawer pull, unceremoniously ripped out of my ear, and dropped to the floor (not for the first time), I decided I needed to make a slight alteration to the pattern.

I added a buttonhole so I could snake the cord under the shirt and out the neck (this picture is a little too bright). The next time I'll add the buttonhole before the pocket sp it will be completely out of view, but this fabric was super thick and I couldn't get into pocket far enough. Too bad I'm not Goldilocks and I could show you a picture with the color just right!

I haven't got around to getting the zippers, so the others are still not done. I did, however, get a little more organizing done in the studio. Four racks to hold my thread. Two I had but they were taking up room on a shelf in the FSR (fiber storage room). I need to get some more brackets to hang my speakers and free up some more floor space.

The roving is dry and it looks great. A little more reds than I planned but I can live with that. I tried pictures at night and then again this morning but the sun was a little too bright. I won't complain about that and I'll just try pictures again this afternoon.

I got halfway through threading the heddles for the painted warp baby blanket. I'll finish it up and sample both wefts tomorrow, but according to the comments the dark purple will be the way to go.


  1. That sewing area is too neat, as in tidy. Get in there, mess it up! Or are you always neat in the process of creating? And they call *me* a Virgo!

  2. Isn't it amazing how these cool little electronic devices are changing our world, even our knitting? Gotta love it!

  3. I've had that exact rip-out-of-ear experience with my mp3 player, too. It is so disconcerting and alarming!

  4. Now that buttonhole idea is ingenious!! I'm thinking I may have to "retro fit" one of those into some of my ready made workout clothes! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am not looking at the neat sewing shelves with cones and thread and .... okay, I peeked. I am so envious. I suspect Sara the Virgo is too.