Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Some More Sampling

I'm trying to find the best way to take pictures to get the truest color. Taking them outside (but not in direct sunlight) with no flash helps, but as you can see here the background can work against you.

The colors are good, but the mesh table distracts. The three knitted swatches have (from left) 0%, 25%, and 50% undyed fleece in the blend. Despite the middle swatch looking so red (I just eyed the amounts) I think that's the blend I'm going with.

I tried a piece of white poster board, but it was too glossy and gave off a blue aura. I like your idea, Ellen. Maybe blankets would be a good thing for this wool. The kids like the Bartlett blankets and this wouldn't be any scratchier.

Didn't I tell you the white coopworth was glossy? It just glows - you can barely make it out in either picture.

The kimono warp is on the loom. More about that tomorrow.


  1. My, what handsome yarn. Isn't it a pain trying to get a decent picture? Drives me nuts. I love coopworth--do you have a source or did you pick it up at a fiber festival?

  2. I like to photograph without flash whenever possible, but strong contrasts from shadows outside confuse my poor camera. (My camera also cannot capture any shade of reddish blue at all.) As far as background, white is a little glaring - try a "neutral" color? A lot of my stuff in the winter gets photographed on top of an ecru sheepskin.

  3. I photograph against a piece of medium grey velvet, in the shade or on overcast days, not direct sunlight. I get pretty true color. The velvet is easy to just flop down. Another friend uses a piece of low loop industrial carpet in a grey shade: it never wrinkles, and again, you can roll it up and just flop it down. It's cheap as a remnant at any big carpet place.

  4. I agree with Sara. Grey background. The velvet is a good idea. I have grey carpet in the shop and a blue-gray deck, so I use both as backgrounds. I found a grey scatter rug at the local dept store and keep that on hand. No flash also works better for me. As does the right time of day! On the other hand, sometimes medium brown (I use the underside of corduroy) works well.
    Love the colors!!!!