Monday, May 23, 2005

It's All a Haze

Check out the haze this little bundle of merino, alpaca, and silk made when blended on my Duncan. When I picked it up at SOAR (from Lambspun) I liked the colors, but when I went to spin it the three colors were actually pretty distinct rovings and didn't want to spin together. Then I remembered my poor neglected Duncan and this is the result.

I finished another paper tonight so with any luck I'll get the kimono warp presleyed tomorrow night. Sara, the last 76 ends of black with a little red-violet will be the band. I'm using black weft to keep it from looking too stripey. We'll see what it looks like after it gets on the loom.


  1. Looks yummy! Was it a striped roving originally? Sometimes when I get stuff like that, a lot of gentle predrafting will help coax it to draft together. But carding works just as well and is probably faster?!

  2. Cann't wait to see the yarn spun. I LOVE your bright warps. I really do. A feast for my eyes when I stop by!
    Any chance you can get to Maries on a Monday when I will be there in July???? 11?

  3. Dunno why, but I love, love, love blue and brown together (which is what it looks like on my monitor) & I've never met a commercial prep (even the nicest one) I couldn't improve by reprocessing it myself, whether to fix the blending of fibers or the color or whatever. Reworking bought fiber just gives it that little extra something special.